Ibadan Oyo State

Avant Organic Farms and Foods Limited, one of the leaders in the agribusiness/FMCG sector seeks to employ an Agribusiness Manager to ensure the smooth running of farm operations by overseeing all activities related to animal and crop production and making sound business decisions to drive increased revenue. The desired candidate must have cognate experience in agricultural business and farm operations (both animal and crop production).

Job Description:
• Plan finances and production to maintain farm progress in line with business objectives and budget parameters.
• Ensure all farm activities, such as planting, harvesting crops, feeding and rearing livestock, operating machinery, spraying fields, etc. are achieved on a daily basis.
• Liaise with the procurement department to ensure supplies, such as feeds, fertilizers, seeds, etc. are regularly restocked for production.
• Oversee the construction, maintenance and repair of farm buildings, machinery and equipment.
• Oversee and monitor the performance and inputs of all farm operations staff on a daily basis and provide support when the need arises.
• Develop and implement strategies to increase the productivity of farm operations staff in the various production units.
• Maintain and monitor the quality and quantity of yield, whether livestock or crops.
• Understand and predict the implications of weather conditions on-farm activities and make contingency plans where necessary.
• Analyze all risks involved with farm operations and apply relevant mitigation approaches.
• Make sure farm yield and products are always and readily available for the markets and buyers.
• Ensure that farm activities comply with relevant government regulations and standards.
• Monitor animal health and welfare, including liaising with veterinarians and industry experts if need be.
• Maintain knowledge of pests and diseases and an understanding of how they spread and how to control them against output losses.
• Apply health and safety standards across the farm estate.
• Ensure the farm environment is protected and biodiversity is sustained.
• Track, document, update and report all farm-related activities and operations records.
• Perform all other job-related functions as required by the management.

• Must have 3-5 years of hands-on experience in an agricultural or farm setting, preferably as a manager/supervisor.
• Bachelor/Master’s degree in Agriculture, farm management, or agricultural economics.
• Proven leadership, supervisory skills, management and decision-making ability.
• Sound knowledge of food production, standards, sustainability and market demands.
• Understanding of modern farming methods, operations, and processes.
• Ability to drive and possession of a Valid Driver’s license is also desirable.
• Willing to relocate to the job location.

Minimum Qualification: Bachelor’s degree
Degree Field(s): Agriculture, farm management, or agricultural economics

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