The pigs are cared for in line with global agricultural practices, going by the construction of their pens, their hygiene, feeding and general care. The three categories of pigs we have available for sale are:

  • Weaners
  • Growers
  • Fatteners
Avant farms Poultry


Broiler Section: The birds are reared on raised platform housing with netted floor in a cross-ventilated and bio-secure environment. They are mostly processed and packaged for sale as frozen chicken; whole and different cuts.

Layers Section: They are raised in battery cages installed in a well-ventilated and hygienic housing. They produce premium quality eggs for sale.

Fresh Water Fish

We have earthen ponds and concrete ponds with the best skilled and knowledgeable people to manage them.

The best aquaculture techniques are applied to produce catfish and tilapia fish of high-quality taste and size.

Pond water parameters are regularly monitored to conform with best aquaculture practices.

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Farm Address

Klm 32,Ibadan-Iwo Road, Laketu Village Oyo State Nigeria

Office Adress

815B Army Officers mess road ,Agodi GRA ,Ibadan North ,
Oyo State Nigeria